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Business Model You

Do You Have a Business Model for Your Life? Do You Have a Business Model You? Accelerate Prosperity’s “Business Model You” (BMU) Gives you Distinctive Edge in Your Life.

Accelerate Prosperity’s BMU is all about creating your personal business model canvas for a prosperous and fulfilled life! Explore opportunities to innovate your career and leverage your best skills and resources, find solutions to challenges and ways you and your work can be of value to others around you.

*Business Model YOU is a powerful tool that helps in creating a “personal business model” which shapes the thinking of individuals to be more “enterprising” and become solution to the problems. It also assists in identifying and articulating the value proposition of oneself and define and redefine the purpose of life so as to be more productive towards the society.

*Business Model You is renowned global approach developed by Tim Clark and Alexander Osterwalder in 2012 that enables people to apply business concepts into their lives, in order to design and plan for a progressive and successful lives and careers. AP’s BMY approach is entirely based on this.


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