To stimulate the green-tech ecosystem in Pakistan, Accelerate Prosperity is launching the Certification in Sustainable Innovation (CSI), an incubation program designed to enable the development, deployment, and commercilization of select innovative and technology-driven green solutions in Pakistan.

This program is designed to bring together all the essential elements of an incubation program to enable select entrepreneurs to launch and grow their business in:




Who Is This Program For? 

The program will be focused primarily on the following 3 industries: 

1) Agriculture

 This involves sustainable practices which aim to reduce the negative impacts of conventional agriculture on the environment. 

  • Innovative Farming: This sub-sector focuses on developing and implementing new and advanced techniques to improve the efficiency and sustainability of farming practices. This includes the use of precision agriculture technologies such as sensors, drones, and satellite imagery, as well as techniques such as vertical farming, hydroponics, and aquaponics. 
  • Efficient Supply Chain: This sub-sector aims to reduce waste and improve the efficiency of the supply chain from farm to table. This includes improving logistics, reducing food waste, and creating new market channels for small and medium-sized farmers. 
  • E-Commerce: This sub-sector involves the use of technology to create new opportunities and solutions for farmers, retailers, and consumers. This includes developing e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, and other digital tools to connect farmers directly with consumers, as well as creating new marketplaces for sustainable and organic products. 

 2) Green Building/Green Construction 

 This involves designing and constructing buildings that are energy-efficient, use sustainable materials, and have a minimal environmental impact.  

  •  Sustainable Materials: This sub-sector involves the use of eco-friendly and sustainable building materials, such as recycled materials, locally sourced materials, and materials with a low carbon footprint 
  • Energy-Efficient Design: This sub-sector involves the use of design techniques that reduce energy consumption in buildings, such as through the use of natural lighting, passive heating and cooling, and energy-efficient appliances.  
  • Renewable Energy Sources: This sub-sector involves the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal systems, into building designs to minimize reliance on traditional energy sources and reduce carbon emissions.  

3) Technology

This sector involves the development and deployment of innovative technology-driven solutions to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability. 

  • Sustainable Tourism: Sustainable tourism focuses on minimizing the negative impact of tourism on the environment and local communities. This can include things like using renewable energy, reducing waste and ensuring eco-tourism. 
  • Smart Logistics: Smart logistics involves using data and technology to optimize the movement of goods from one place to another. This includes things like route planning, real-time tracking, and predictive analytics to reduce waste and emissions. 
  • Waste Management: This sub-sector involves the development and deployment of technology-driven solutions for waste management, such as recycling and waste-to-energy technologies, to minimize the environmental impact of waste disposal and reduce carbon emissions. 

Components of CSI

At CSI, we provide all the essential components of an incubation program, including: 

Product Improvement and Testing

allows select entrepreneurs access to facilities and labs for testing their solutions and further improving their products upon getting client feedback.

Business Training and Advisory Services

which help entrepreneurs dissect their solutions into business propositions by developing sound business models

Subject Matter Experts

who possess technical knowledge of specific products and services in the green economy and technology industries.

Subsidized Financing

with flexible terms and conditions to help entrepreneurs launch and scale their businesses.

Post Financing Technical Assistance

which extends continuous business coaching/mentoring to help entrepreneurs manage uplift their businesses with a greater impact post-financing.

Opportunities for Raising External Investments

have a chance to network with investors, startup eco-system enablers to raise investments.

Co-Working Spaces

use office spaces for 1 year from the time entrepreneurs are selected for incubation and attend all phases of incubation in-person or virtually.


reflecting the training and advisory components given on successfully graduating from CSI.

AP’s Financing Information:

A CSI Entrepreneur's Journey:

Step 1:

Submission of Application 

Step 2:

Interviews of Shortlisted Applications 

Step 3:

Product Improvement and Testing  

Step 4:

Business Training & Coaching: Online Training Sessions, OneOn-One and Group Coaching  

Step 5:

Subject-Matter/Technical Expert Advisory   

Step 6:

Pitch for Financing/ Investment 

Step 7:

Due Diligence by AP team 

Step 8:

Offer of Financing/ Investment 

Step 9:

Post Financing Technical Assistance

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What is our Selection Criteria?

Business Criteria

  • A unique and innovative business model with potential for causing or contributing to a transformative effect in the green-tech sector, specifically in terms of promoting sustainable products and services, improving quality of services, increasing access, convenience and/ or affordability. 
  • A clear market niche, sound target market and customer base. 
  • Realistic competitive advantage in terms of price, quality and easy/ large access. 
  • Strong revenue and profit models, potential for scalability and growth. 

Personal Criteria

  • Strong entrepreneurial traits, including (but not limited to) leadership qualities, risk taking, street smartness, ability to do more with less etc.
  • Coachable team, including (but not limited to) openness to advisory, learn, ability and openness to constantly iterate, adapt and evolve based on changing conditions, realities or assumptions etc. 
  • Past experience in doing business, or as an employee in a similar industry, or subject matter expertise relevant to the product/ service. 
  • Strong interest in the health sector and the idea/ business being proposed, with significant skin in the business.

Join us in shaping a more sustainable future for Pakistan with the Certification in Sustainable Innovation. Apply now and become a part of a vibrant and growing green-tech ecosystem.