An Entrepreneur's Guide To Accelerate Prosperity's Financing

Financing Services

One of the major challenges startups and small and growing businesses face is having limited access to financing mainly due to their lack of business documentation and investment readiness. AP focuses on enabling businesses to scale and raise investment with the help of its catalytic financing and technical assistance. 
Key outputs of AP’s tailored one-on-one business training and coaching of early-stage and existing businesses are the tools for investment readiness such as Financial Model, Information Memorandum and Pitch Deck.

Information Memorandum

The primary purpose of this document is to provide all information about the company that is required by the investors and showcase business’ overall potential. IM is basically everything about a business; it is the most effective way of providing large volume of information about a company to investors or financial institutions. During the first phase of our Financing and Advisory Cycle, we train and help businesses to make their own Information Memorandum. You can download our template below for your use.

Financial Model

Financial model helps you to quantify your business model, assumptions, and vision to see for yourself if it is going to work out and to be able to show potential to your investors. Any investor of financier wants to have at least some information about your financial standing and forecasts and financial model is the most detailed one. AP requires businesses to submit their financial model along with the Information Memorandum to be considered for financing. During the training and advisory period our trainers and investment analysts work with businesses to make their own financial model. You can download our template below for use.

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is the crux of your business. It is the briefest document of your business whose only purpose is to capture the attention of the investor. A pitch deck basically tells the investors why they should invest in your business. At the end of the training and advisory period all businesses present their pitch to AP and its partner institutions and network of individual investors to be considered for financing.