Inclusive Supply Chain Technical Assistance to Lead Enterprises (ISTALE)

Through ISTALE, Accelerate Prosperity Pakistan wants to identify lead businesses within the AP-focused value chains including education, agriculture, healthcare, IT and tourism in Pakistan by addressing key binding constraints in their value chain systems and help them scale and take advantage of untapped market opportunities. Enterprises based in urban or semi-urban areas will be able to create linkages with enterprises in rural areas, thereby strengthening rural urban linkages.


With this activity, AP will identify bottlenecks and deficiencies in the end-to-end supply chain processes of a selected business, and provide guided technical training and financial assistance to make its supply chain more efficient. Through one-on-one technical advisory and financial assistance, AP will facilitate the building of strong market linkages between urban or semi urban enterprises and rural enterprises. AP will engage technical experts if required.



Business located nationwide are eligible to apply for the program.  


The selected business is expected to submit the following:


Program activities will last about 6 months.


Businesses applying for this program must meet all of following criteria:


Eligible businesses can apply by clicking on this below link. Women and youth-led enterprises are encouraged to apply. The deadline to apply is October 30, 2022.