National Tourism Incubator

National Tourism Incubator (NTI) program is the first of its kind national level platform for innovative tourism businesses to come forward, get access to tailored advisory, financing and market linkages through a formalized program. The focus of the program is to explore untapped business opportunities, especially in areas of adventure, winter, and sustainable tourism in Pakistan.

The goals of NTI are:

  • Equip entrepreneurs with the required skills and knowledge for launching and growing a business.
  • Improve investment readiness of a business by adopting sustainable business models, using tools such as Business Model Canvas, Financial Model, Information Memorandum and Pitch Deck and meeting all legal and compliance requirements.
  • Help selected entrepreneurs secure financing from AP and other partner institutions.


  • Entrepreneurs and businesses with innovative business models focused on promoting different forms of tourism including sustainable, eco, winter, and adventure tourism
  • Entrepreneurs with investable business ideas or running unique tourism-focused businesses e.g., paragliding, ice-skating, water rafting,

National Tourism Incubator consists of two main components

Business Incubation Services

Select entrepreneurs are offered design thinking workshops and prototype testing, remote training and advisory, business coaching, mentoring, subject matter expertise, access to co-working space(s) and commercial and investor linkages.

Financing Services

Select entrepreneurs will pitch their business to Accelerate Prosperity, other financial institutions, impact investment funds from Pakistan and overseas for securing financing/ investments.

Incubation Services:

Financing Information:

The Complete National Tourism Incubator Journey of an Entrepreneur

Step 1:

Submission of Application

Step 2:

Interviews of Shortlisted Applications

Step 3:

Induction into NTI Program

Step 4:

Business Training & Advisory: Online training sessions, One on One and Group Advisory

Step 5:

Pitch for Financing/ Investment

Step 6:

Due Diligence by AP team

Step 7:

Offer of Financing/ Investment

What is our Selection Criteria?

Business Criteria

  • A unique and innovative business model with potential for causing or contributing to positive economic and social transformation
  • A clear market niche, sound target market and customer base.
  • Realistic competitive advantage in terms of price, quality, and easy/ large access
  • Little or no revenue and profit models, potential for scalability and growth
  • Strong team
  • Strong value chain effect
  • Impact potential

Personal Criteria

  • Strong entrepreneurial traits, including leadership qualities, risk taking, street smartness, ability to do more with less, etc.
  • Coachable team, including (but not limited to) openness to advisory, learn, ability and openness to constantly iterate, adapt and evolve based on changing conditions, realities, or assumptions etc.
  • Experience in doing business, or as an employee in a similar industry, or subject matter expertise relevant to the product/ service.

Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative and transformational business idea or startup?

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