CONSULTANT Firms/ Consultants – Media Production and Digital Marketing


Accelerate Prosperity (AP) is a part of new global initiative of the AKDN in Central and South Asia, which follows guidance from the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) Board to develop more formal structures to catalyze enterprises within AKDN’s main area development programs, where economic opportunities remain insufficient. Through patient capital and tailored business advisory to startups and businesses, AP complements broader employment-related programs of AKF and draws significantly on technical expertise from the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development’s (AKFED) Industrial Promotion Services (IPS), and coordinates efforts with the AKDN’s financial institutions, the University of Central Asia and many other national partners.


As a part of AP’s financing, acceleration and incubation services to startups and existing businesses, it is going to organize a virtual business forum in partnership with Ignite-National Technology Fund and Aga Khan University.

The purpose of this consultancy is to develop the required digital content to launch and run the event’s digital marketing campaign and execute the event which incudes, developing content plan, designing infographics/ social media posts, pitch videos, business teasers and brochures.

The consultant firm is required to deliver the following outputs:

Items Description Units Amount/total number of Designs Required
Infographics/ Social media designs Develop and design content to be disseminated via Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
Adaptation of designed infographics will be required to adjust into different social media platforms
SM Standard posters 30
Brochures Develop and design brochure for the event including text, photos and other graphics 3-4 pages 1
Agenda Design the agenda of the event with graphic illustration of flow of each event activity 1-2 Page 1
Pitch Videos Record and trim and pitch videos by the entrepreneurs. The videos will be recorded via zoom and will later be trimmed to 2 minutes and a starting and ending title will be added. 2 minutes each 50
Business Teasers Design one pager infographic business teasers including financials, photos, graphs and text 1 pager each 50
Web Page Develop a dynamic web page for the event, with all the information in one place including the brochure, the agenda, sign up link, business teasers, social media updates of the campaign 1 main page with 1-2 extensions 1
Event Live Streaming/ management Livestream the event on multiple social media platforms of all the partners and look after all the required logistics including software purchase, managing the screen sharing and content management, house keeping during the event, video and audio management, polls and other requirements of the event 4 hours per day 2 days



  • The consultant, firm is required to lead the concept and design of the content development as per the brand guideline of AP and its partners


  • 1.5 month


The required capacities include:

  • Media or marketing firm with significant background in developing marketing plan, marketing strategy and content
  • 4-5 years of experience in designing and running digital campaigns. Experience of launching and executing an online event will be a plus
  • Relevant work experience in entrepreneurship space and awareness of the industry trends
  • Energetic and output driven team with no limited work hours or in other words a team who is faster, better and reasonably priced!


Only consulting firms are eligible to apply for this.


Please submit the following to us in order to apply for this consultancy:

  • Company Profile along with CVs of the team members who will be involved in the project
  • Financial quote with detailed breakdown of executing the project
  • Provide links of website and social media handles


20th December 2020, 17:00 PST


Email your Company Profile, CVs and Financial Quote at start@accelerateprosperity.org and nadeem.ullah@accelerateprosperity.org with the subject “Consultancy – Media Production and Marketing”.