Accelerate Prosperity

Terms of References - Enumerators | Annual Survey

Job Title: Enumerators
Based in: Islamabad, Pakistan and/or remote
Duration:  November 27, 2022 – December 31, 2022


Accelerate Prosperity (AP) Pakistan is a global initiative of the Aga Khan Development Network and aims to facilitate the creation and growth of high impact high growth potential startups and existing businesses in Central and South Asia. The overall mandate of AP is to promote entrepreneurial mindset with critical thinking and innovative strategies for early stage/pre-revenue startups and Small and Growing Businesses (SGB), which are “commercially viable businesses with a potential to create wealth and jobs” through relevant trainings, knowledge, advice, and capital.

Background & Purpose of the Assignment

An annual survey is being conducted to gather data from the AP supported businesses including those incubated, accelerated and financed, as part of its routine monitoring exercises. The enumerators will be responsible for collecting survey data telephonically from these beneficiaries in Pakistan, while ensuring confidentiality.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Business Survey:

  • Scheduling telephonic interviews, making follow-up calls, and ensuring timely communication with businesses in case of any changes in plan.
  • Coordinating with the team leads to smooth execution of the tasks.
  • Ensuring completeness and accuracy of the survey responses/answers recorded and performing accuracy checks on the questionnaires whenever applicable.
  • Taking note on any values for categorical variables that are not already defined in the questionnaire. This means the enumerator should be able to take note (with an explanation) of the values that may not fall in the categories given in the tool.
  • Submitting completed questionnaires to supervisors electronically
  • Entering data in a timely manner.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of the information gathered from businesses.



Enumerators should be able to:

  • Work well independently, with agility and efficiency, while taking measures to avoid any errors.
  • Demonstrate accountability for the accuracy and completeness of deliverables.
  • Demonstrate courteousness and respect towards the survey respondents.
  • Take necessary measures and apply methods to meet the target response rate necessary for the annual survey.
  • Meet deadlines associated with deliverables in a timely manner.


Requirements and Qualifications:

Enumerators are expected to have the ability to pay full attention to what others are saying, understand the points being made, and ask appropriate follow-up questions for clarity. They must also know how to talk to respondents in an effective and respectful way to convey the meaning of survey questions and to subsequently gather accurate information. It is crucial for an enumerator to be able to gather information by carefully observing and obtaining useful data from related sources. An Enumerator must recognize and understand the reaction of other people, be able to write effectively to communicate relevant information, and have the expertise to record, transcribe, organize, enter, and maintain data in written or electronic forms.

  • Educational background in Business Studies, Business Administration or related field will be an advantage
  • At least one year of experience conducting surveys in Pakistan
  • Must have a smartphone/laptop to take down responses
  • Demonstrable work experience with data collection and management
  • Knowledge of business and entrepreneurship terminologies
  • Excellent communication skills in English, Urdu, and other local languages
  • Proven leadership skills and ability to work independently as well as in team


Submission Guidelines

The estimated level of effort for this assignment is 1 month. Interested applicants should submit their CVs at

Important Code of Conduct for Enumerators

Honesty and Integrity

The success of the entire survey depends on the accuracy of the collection and the enumerator needs to be responsible and honest in filing their findings. If you believe any respondent is falsifying their responses, kindly insert the details as being reported and keep your supervisor in the loop for advice.


The information given by the respondents is private and full care must be practiced, making sure there is no breach of trust by the enumerators. The enumerator is mandated to let the respondents know that their data will not be shared by any third party and will be the exclusive property of the partners implementing the project. The enumerator shall not share the nature and findings of the survey with anyone besides the supervisor and the organization implementing the project.


The enumerator is supposed to always remain neutral and should not be partial toward any respondent during the survey. The enumerator shall be the only one conducting the survey and their duties shall be theirs only, and do not delegate it to someone else.


The enumerator should always bear in mind that they will be acting as representatives of an organization and therefore should maintain good discipline throughout the duration of the survey. Conversations with the respondents should always be in a formal tone and questions should not be phrased in a way that leads toward a particular response.