Digital Marketing Campaigns


Accelerate Prosperity (AP) is an initiative of AKRSP which follows guidance from the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and Industrial Promotion Services of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED IPS) to develop more formal structures to catalyze enterprises within AKDN’s main area development programs, where economic opportunities remain insufficient. Through patient capital and tailored business advisory to startups and businesses, AP complements broader employment-related programs of AKF and draws significantly on technical expertise from the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development’s (AKFED) Industrial Promotion Services (IPS), and coordinates efforts with the AKDN’s financial institutions, the University of Central Asia and many other national partners.


As a part of the EU funded AP Asia from 2020-2023, AP runs digital marketing campaigns to attract good applications for its financing and business advisory services every year. Through the marketing campaigns it targets startups and existing businesses with high growth high impact potential across Pakistan. Post selection the businesses go through training advisory as part of the investment readiness process. All of these activities require extensive digital marketing and outreach, development and improvement of existing knowledge products to attract the right breed of entrepreneurs as well as facilitate training and advisory services for them.

AP is inviting proposals from eligible marketing companies to provide digital marketing and content/ knowledge products development services.

The purpose of this procurement is to develop the required digital content to launch and run the digital marketing campaigns for AP’s financing and advisory cycles and designing the required knowledge products which includes, designing themes for marketing campaigns, creating content plan, designing infographics, managing social media, short videos, business teasers, brochures, documentaries and printing.


AP expects the service provider to undertake the following tasks:

Theme Design

Develop a theme for the marketing campaign of business incubation and acceleration programs in line with AP’s vision and industry trends.

1.       Name for each campaign

2.       Develop guidelines for the campaign/ theme to be replicated in all the materials of the campaign e.g. sample social media posts, sample application forms, animations, zoom virtual background, speaker profiles etc etc. while staying within the brand guidelines of AP

3.       Key visuals for new campaign

1.       Theme Poster

2.       Guidelines to replicate the theme throughout the campaign.

3.       Sample for social media posts, application design

4.       Email template Design

4 Cycles
Infographics/ Social media designs

Social media and electronic media marketing for incubation an acceleration programs.

Develop and design content to be disseminated via Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
Adaptation of designed infographics will be required to adjust into different social media platforms

See examples of infographics here.

1.       Social media standard post designs (Infographics)100
Post PromotionPromote the social media posts for business incubation and acceleration marketing campaigns1.       100 posts boosted100
Social Media Content planDevelop social media content plan for business incubation and acceleration marketing campaign based on the given strategy to be converted into infographics for social media1.       A complete content plan for each campaign



Create 30 seconds long infographic style 3D animations for business incubation and acceleration program – call out for applications.

1.       Script

2.       Storyboard

3.       Music

4.       Animations

1.       3D animation videos2
LogoDesign logo for a new business incubation and acceleration program1.       Logo1
Design  Application formsDesign/ brand application forms to be uploaded on the website and circulated via email and other mediums for business incubation and acceleration cycles1.       4 PDF application forms4 (6-7 pages each)
Translation of App formsTranslate the application form of Acceleration into Urdu for business acceleration program1.       1 PDF application form translated into Urdu1 (6-7 pages)
Print Application formsPrint high quality application forms in A4 with a hard front and back cover for business acceleration program1.       500 high quality printed application forms (135 gm, 4 color, 5 pages, Center Pin Binding)500
Design / code Web based App formsDesign web based application forms in line with the theme of the yearly cycles for business incubation and acceleration program1.       4 web based application forms4 (6-7 pages each)
Reports DesignDesign AP annual reports using graphics, photos, text and numbers1.       One Annual Report1 (3-5 pages)
Newsletter DesignDesign quarterly AP newsletters using graphics, photos, text and numbers1.       3 Newsletters3 (5-6 pages each)
Edit Short Videos

Update AP’s business incubation and acceleration online content based on the given directions extract videos from existing lectures,

edit the content and package into short 1 minute knowledge videos with English subtitles, intro title and ending title. No travelling will be required

1.       17 AP branded one minute videos17

Compile already designed social media posts in to a PDF pocket size booklet –

1.       Adjust logos where needed

2.       Resize the posts if needed for the booklet

3.       Design front and back cover based on AP’s brand guidelines

1.       1 AP Idea Bank booklet (PDF)

2.       1 AP Data bank booklet (PDF)

Photo shoot

Photo shoot of 44 AP supported businesses in Gilgit city, Hunza, Gahkuch, Skardu, Islamabad with one business in Karachi.

1.       Headshot of the entrepreneur

2.       Entrepreneurs in action photos

3.       Business Facility photos

4.       Photos of business processes

5.       Photos of clients of the business in action at the facility

1.       440 high quality photos5 day shoot
IM template

Design PDF branded templates with 10-15 pages

1.       Add instructions to every box

2.       Use boxes to limit characters

3.       Lock important features, picture sizes, length of the boxes, topics etc.

4.       Use extension links wherever needed

5.        Use graphics throughout for people to understand

1.       A user friendly PDF IM template (editable)1
Website Management

Manage AP’s website for any maintenance, updates, debugging or changes required.

1.       Uptime monitoring & reporting

2.       Update WordPress Version

3.       Update Themes & Plugin Versions

4.       Update Premium Plugins

5.       Frequent Security Updates

6.       Coordination with Hosting Service Providers

7.       Regular Data backup and Restore.

8.       Troubleshooting if any bug is reported by the customer in existing implemented functionality.

9.       Regular content addition into website

10.   Research on newer technologies and tools and propose good alternatives to ongoing tools for customers’ benefit.

·       Without license renewal

1.       Efficient and timely response to updates or changes required by the client

2.       Dynamic, responsive and bug free website

 9 months
WebpageDesign a new page for AP stories and update the content on the website1.       An interactive and informative AP stories page1
Social Media Management

Manage AP’s social media for day to day updates, content plan and design and promotion as per the given strategy and guidelines

1.       Social media posts design (four posts a week max)

2.       Cover photo design for  all SM handles

3.       Monthly strategy and content calendar for monthly campaigns e.g. photo stories of entrepreneurs, business callouts etc

4.       Reports at the conclusion of each campaign

·         Analytics Report

·         Total Leads

·         Lead Split by Channel

·         Engagement parameters
(Like, share, comments)

·         1 campaign/month

1.       5 campaigns

(20 social media posts, (infographic) each campaign at max)


Monthly social media management (FB, Insta, Linkedin, Twitter)

1.       Quarterly Analytics reports

2.       Following increased on all SM handles by 50%

3.       Engagement increased on all handles 300%

4.       FB post reach 80k + with a conversion rate of 50%

Pitch Event

Develop brand for the regional pitch event

1.       Brand and logo design

2.       Develop guidelines for the campaign/ theme to be replicated in all the materials of the campaign e.g. sample social media posts, sample application forms, speaker profiles etc. while staying within the brand guidelines of AP

3.       Key visuals for new campaign

1.       Name of the event, logo brand guidelines

2.       Sample social media posts and email invite design

1 brand design

Design brochure for the event including text, photos and other graphics

1.       1 Brochure (4-5 pages)1
AgendaDesign the agenda of the event with graphic illustration of flow of each event activity1.       1 Agenda Designed (1-2 pages)1
WebpageDesign a dynamic and interactive webpage for the event with complete information of the event1.       Interactive webpage1
Pitch VideosRecord and trim and pitch videos by the entrepreneurs. The videos will be recorded via zoom and will later be trimmed to 2 minutes and a starting and ending title will be added.1.       30 Pitch videos30
Business TeasersDesign one pager infographic business teasers including financials, photos, graphs and text1.       30 business teasers30
Event Management, LivestreamingLivestream the event on multiple social media platforms of all the partners and look after all the required logistics including software purchase, managing the screen sharing and content management, housekeeping during the event, video and audio management, polls and other requirements of the event

1.       2 days event (4 hours each day)

Backdrop DesignDesign a backdrop in line with the theme Acceleration Cycle1.       1 Designed backdrop1
Print Backdrop

Print backdrop

1.       Size8 8*10

2.       Laminated

1.       Printed Backdrop1

Create a documentary of 6 AP supported businesses

1.       Script

2.       Storyboard

3.       Shoot plan

4.       Background Music

5.       Shooting and editing

·         Cost of travel and board should be included in the quotation

2.       One 5-7 minutes long documentary + small 6 min clips of 6 businesses.1


The marketing company is expected to understand the vision and goals of AP and lead the concept and design of the marketing campaigns and content development as per the brand guideline of AP.


The required capacities include:

  • Media or marketing company with significant background in designing marketing campaigns in entrepreneurship space – experience in designing marketing strategies, social media and content marketing and branding.
  • 4-5 years of experience in designing and running effective and output driven digital campaigns.
  • Experience in developing good documentaries, success stories etc.
  • Energetic and output driven team with no limited work hours or in other words a team who is faster, better and reasonably priced.
  • Prior experience with AKDN especially in entrepreneurship related activities.
  • Only SECP registered marketing companies with a scheduled business bank account and NTN number are eligible to apply for this.


The consulting firm will ensure confidentiality, anonymity, and will assure the data is protected and used for agreed purpose only.


AP will hold sole copyright of all the material produced during the service provision, including photoshoots, music etc. The service provider will not use any of the material produced for any other purpose without prior approval from AP.


Please submit the following to us in order to apply:

  • Company Profile with examples of your previous work on digital campaigns, infographics, documentaries etc.
  • Financial quote with detailed cost breakdown by each item.
  • Share a one pager proposal for how would you undertake a successful marketing campaign for AP’s financing and advisory cycle, including, your approach, strategy and tactics, tools and mediums, etc.


15th April 2021, 17:00 PST


Original copies of the required documents in sealed envelopes can  be submitted to the following address:

Manager Finance & Administration, Accelerate Prosperity Space, PDCN, Konodas Colony Gilgit

Phone # 05811-452983

Examples of digital work can be emailed to: (with in the deadline).

Note: Late submissions will not be considered.


Evaluation process

The Evaluation Process will be carried out by an Adjudication Team appointed by AP, constituting AP’s Manager Marketing and Communications, AP’s Manager Finance and Administration, and AP’s Manager Investments and TA.

The Adjudication Committee will score the bids individually, based on the following criteria:

Evaluation Criteria % Weighting
1. Relevant Experience40
2. Past Experience with AKDN30

3. Financial bid

Total Weightage100