Services required for Script Writing for Developing Distance Learning Modules On Financial Analysis


Accelerate Prosperity (AP) is a part of new global initiative of the AKDN in Central and South Asia, which follows guidance from the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) Board to develop more formal structures to catalyze enterprises within AKDN’s main area development programs, where economic opportunities remain insufficient. Through patient capital and tailored business advisory to startups and businesses, AP complements broader employment-related programs of AKF and draws significantly on technical expertise from the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development’s (AKFED) Industrial Promotion Services (IPS), and coordinates efforts with the AKDN’s financial institutions, the University of Central Asia and many other national partners.

AP’s approach combines financial and non-financial support, recognising that standalone business development services and traditional bank financing are inadequate to catalyse start-ups, grow small firms, and deliver job creation in fragile and emerging markets, particularly for marginalized groups in rural areas. The overall theory of change is that with improved business models, investment readiness along with tailored financing bundled with commercial and B2B linkages driven by the private sector, the supported businesses will be equipped to unlock private sector investments, sales and growth, leading to increased incomes and job creation.


As a part of AP’s incubation and acceleration services to startups and existing businesses (small-sized), it aims to enable businesses develop and/or fine tune their financial models and forecast company’s financial performance into the future. A financial model is simply a tool to estimate company’s overall value/ worth. The forecast is typically based on the company’s historical performance and a sound business strategy and set of assumptions for future. The overall output of the financial model is used for decision making particularly for raising capital, expansion, launching of a new product/ service, sale of assets and divesting etc.

The purpose of this consultancy is to develop detailed scripts including activities, quizzes and lectures which will be used to develop videos for entrepreneurs on financial analysis and modelling.

It is expected that the cohort entrepreneurs will be able to do the following things after attending this training:

  • Develop simple financial statements and forecast of their businesses



Upon completing this course, cohort entrepreneurs will be better able to:

  • Name and understand key considerations when developing a financial model.
  • Apply a structured process to develop a financial model.
  • Coordinate with various departments/ functions of the business, shareholders and resources in the process of developing a financial model.
  • Translate business model of the firm into sound numbers and projections of the company.


  • Discussion with the focal point of AP
  • Developing of scripts remotely
  • Clarification calls / meetings, when needed


  • Script writing
  • Developing contents and activities
  • Number of videos will be finalized based on topics / subjects and length of script – However, based on above, it is estimated that there will be around 45 – 60 videos (one on each sub-topic listed below). Each video shall be of 3 to 5 minutes (Note: Consultant is not required to develop videos)
  • At present, following topics are considered for developing scripts

Session 1: Basic concepts and terms used

  1. Recording of financial transactions
  2. Accounting cycle
  • Terminologies used in Finance / accounting: Assets, Liabilities, Income, Capital and Expense (basic understanding and concept)
  1. How is each item, as discussed, is recorded and utilized by entrepreneur in planning and in the business?
  2. Examples of each item activities and case study

Session 2: Some more concepts

  1. Depreciation and amortization
  2. Short term and long-term assets and liabilities
  • Capital – equity and its components
  1. Accrual and time period
  2. Double entry basics
  3. Examples
  • Activities

Session 3: Developing financial statements

  1. Using the financial statements – purpose
  2. Basic cash flow statement
  • Income Statement
  1. Balance sheet
  2. Activities and case study

Session 4: Developing financial statements for your own business

  1. How to develop financial statements of your own business – key consideration
  2. Flow of developing financial statements
  • Activity – assignment; develop the financial statements of your business

Session 5: Forecasting

  1. Income statement forecasting
    1. Revenue and COGS
    2. Operating expenses
    3. Depreciation and amortization forecasting
  2. Balance sheet forecasting
    1. Assets – current and non-current
    2. Liabilities
    3. Equity
  • Cash flow forecasting – link with example of starting business; inflows and outflows (direct method)
  1. Activities

Session 6: Financial statements analysis

  1. Horizontal / trend analysis
  2. Vertical analysis
  • Ratio analysis – Liquidity, solvency, profitability ratios etc
  1. Activities and case study

Session 7: Business valuation

  1. What is valuation?
  2. Different concepts of valuation
  • Example of business valuation

Session 8: Putting it altogether

  1. Quick revision of concepts discussed
  2. Examples and reflection
  • Assignment



The consultant is expected to deliver

  • Course learning objectives.
  • Detailed course outline that details
    • the overall flow of the course
    • modules and lessons with titles and
    • brief explanations of the purpose of each lesson. 
  • Scripts including offline activities for learners.


  • By end of July 2021
  • 17 – 20 working days



  • Online over zoom.



The required capacities include:

  • 1 Trainer with significant background in financial analysis, financial modelling, developing financial statements, investment analysis and valuation and experience of developing such modules

Profile of the Trainer(s)

  • Bachelors or preferably MBA/ Masters/ CA/ ACCA along with relevant professional certification
  • At least 5-7 years of experience in financial analysis, financial modelling, developing financial statements, investment analysis and valuation, preferably in a financial institution and/ or investment or brokerage house in a senior role.
  • 5-7 years of training and advisory experience preferably for businesses (particularly SMEs).


  • 30% of the total value of consultancy service will be given as mobilization advance.
  • 70% on the delivery of the training and its outputs mentioned above.


Both individual consultants and consulting firms are eligible to apply for this.


Please submit the following to us in order to apply for this consultancy:

  • CV with details of your experience and expertise regarding the “capacity required” for this consultancy mentioned above.
  • Financial quote, gross figures inclusive of all kinds of costs.


25 July 2021, 17:00 PST


Email your CV and Financial Quote at and with the subject “Consultancy – Financial Module script writing”.