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AP offers creative financial solutions and pre and post investment technical assistance to growth businesses and startups after a rigorous selection Process. It follows comprehensive selection criteria and due diligence process to offer financing for high growth high impact SGBs that create multiplier effects across the value chain in terms of revenues as well as jobs

Financing and Investment

Accelerate Prosperity (AP) offers catalytic financing of up to PKR 30 million to existing businesses and innovative ideas with high potential to grow and impact.

International Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Start your Business with us

International Certificate in Entrepreneurship (ICE) is a joint initiative of AP, E4Impact Foundation (E4Impact) of Altis School of Business of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milan for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to help start and grow their business ideas and early stage businesses.

We accept applications for the program once every year where select entrepreneurs receive a customized training, advisory and required financing to start a business or grow an existing startup.

Business Acceleration

Grow your business with us

AP’s Business Acceleration is a tailored investment-readiness and patient financing services for existing SGBs with medium or strong revenue streams and having significant potential for growth. It is designed to help select SGBs in target geographies to unleash growth and achieve scale with the help of customized training and advisory, investment readiness tools and financing/ investment.

National Health Incubator (NHI)

Incubation and Investment Services for health technologies and innovation

NHI is a joint initiative of Accelerate Prosperity, Pakistan (AP) and the Aga Khan University (AKU) which aims to catalyze commercialization and growth of new technology, innovation and services being manufactured/ created by entrepreneurs in the health sector in Pakistan.


Acceleration and Investment Services for educational technologies and innovation

EdVenture is a joint initiative of Accelerate Prosperity, Pakistan (AP) and the Aga Khan University (AKU) which aims to catalyze commercialization and growth of new technology, innovation and services being manufactured/ created by entrepreneurs in the education sector in Pakistan.

AP’s Co-Working Space

Accelerate Prosperity Co-working Space is the only state of the art co-working space in Gilgit Baltistan which aims to facilitate tech innovation and freelancing, networking, and prepare the young generation for the future of work in today’s fastest growing and competitive market.

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Frequently Asked questions

Step 1: Submission of Application Form for Investment.

Step 2: Application Shortlisting.

Step 3: Interviews of Shortlisted Applications.

Step 4: Business Training & Advisory.

Step 5: Submission of Information Memorandum & Financial Models.

Step 6: Pitch for investment.

Step 7: Due Diligence of selected applicants.

Step 8: Investments for shortlisted businesses.

Our Interest is 8% and Diminishing.

We Offer financing from 1 Million up to 10 Million.

Along with AP’s loan, we help streamline all the processes of the business and prepare them to unlock larger investments. We also do business diagnosis to reduce the risks of loss and failure in business and also assist in mitigating those risks. As part of our Technical Assistance Facility we offer tailored trainings and advisory clinic designed based on the results of the business diagnosis to fill the current gaps in the business and make them investment ready.

We do not proactively hunt and provide market linkages to businesses however, we offer numerous opportunities through our mentor’s network, subject matter specialists, tailored trainings and advisory to network and build market linkages. In past we have successfully intermediated national and international market linkages for our portfolio businesses. We have also conducted GBC’s first ever conference in Islamabad in which we invited more than 60 investors from across the globe in the conferences.

No. The owner is expected to attend all the trainings because he/she is also going to appear in the pitch to the investors. However, the owner can bring along a staff for the trainings, for example the finance officer can join the financial modeling training.

AP offers International Certificate In Entrepreneurship for new ideas and startups. This is to be offered by Accelerate prosperity, E4Impact Foundation of Altis School of Business (Italy) and Karakoram International University (KIU). Entrepreneurs completing our business training and advisory will improve their capacity to execute and realize their business ideas and enable them to qualify for our final pitch session. Entrepreneurs meeting all assessment requirements of the training and advisory program will also qualify for international certificate in entrepreneurship.

The total duration of the trainings is Five days stretched within two months advisory.

Firstly, AP makes sure to extend financing only when the business is financing ready and the amount offered also depends on the capacity of absorption of the business. Then AP secures its loan by collateral and if the business fails, the business will have to pay back the loan as per agreement signed.

Business Criteria

  • A unique and innovative business model with potential for causing or contributing to
    positive economic and social transformation.
  • A clear market niche, sound target market and customer base.
  • Realistic competitive advantage in terms of price, quality and easy/ large access.
  • Strong revenue and profit models, potential for scalability and growth.
  • Strong value chain effect.
  • Impact potential.

Personal Criteria

  • Strong entrepreneurial traits, including (but not limited to) leadership qualities, risk taking, street smartness, ability to do more with less etc.
  • Coachable team, including (but not limited to) openness to advisory, learn, ability and
    openness to constantly iterate, adapt and evolve based on changing conditions, realities or
    assumptions etc.
  • Past experience in doing business, or as an employee in a similar industry, or subject matter
    expertise relevant to the product/ service.
  • Entrepreneurs from Pakistan who aim to launch a business anywhere in Pakistan, are eligible to apply.
  • New, innovative and unique business models offering highly value adding, scalable and technological solutions and demonstrating potential for causing positive economic and social transformation will be preferred.
  • Businesses from ALL sectors can apply.
  • Not-For-Profit business ideas or institutions are INELIGIBLE to apply.
  • Each entrepreneur should submit ONLY one application. Submission of multiple applications may result in disqualification.

Option 1: Post Application Form at our address Accelerate Prosperity, PDCN, Konodas, Gilgit.

Option 2: Scan your filled application along with deposit slip and send it to us at


Option 3: Complete and submit your application form along with deposit slip on our

website: https://pk.accelerateprosperity.org

Note: AP also accepts the photocopy of application as well.

We are sector agnostic. We accept ideas of all sorts and sectors except for something illegal
or unethical.

Selected team members of Accelerate Prosperity potentially the investment and due diligence team and AP’s selected local and national mentors and investors will sit in the selection panel.

Pitch session and training of the selected businesses will be held at Accelerate Prosperity Business Centre, PDCN, Gilgit.

The loan is given for a period of maximum five years with a grace period of one year. After the first year the loan is paid back in 16 instalments where a diminishing interest of 8% will apply.

The selection process for financing will take up to four months. Once selected for financing it will take a few months to get financing for Accelerate Prosperity.

We will select up to 200 after interview phase who will go through the training phase, some of them may get dropped based on their performance during the training and the rest will make it to the pitch to investors.

We do not have hard and fast rules for dropping out. Your business can drop out of the process anytime during the pre-financing and after financing you can drop out from AP services but you will have to pay back the loan received as per agreement or all at once.

By the time of Due Diligence the business should have SECP registration, NTN number, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) NOC (If required), Information Memorandum and Financial Model ready, previous two years audits from any QCR rated firms across Pakistan if it’s an existing business.