Women In Business

Women In Business (WIB) is a customized financing readiness program that prepares female entrepreneurs of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral region and their business for growth. The program also aims to help the entrepreneurs overcome difficulties faced due to a scarcity of resources and a shortage of effective mentorship and guidance in the region. 

Program Goals

The goals of Women in Business are to enable the entrepreneurs: 

  • To provide tailored technical advisory services and help women in business further enhance their business models.
  • To help women in business streamline their revenue streams and improve their financial models.
  • To assist women in business, enhance their marketing strategy and increase sales.
  • To provide access to patient debt financing to potential businesses

Who Is This Program For?

The program is specifically tailored for women-owned small and growing businesses (SGBs) operating in Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral. To participate in the program, your business must be:  

  • A woman-owned enterprise with established revenue streams  
  • Innovative and poised for high growth and impact  
  • Led by a team that is open to coaching and committed to growth and innovation 

Problem Statements

The program will be looking for creative solution to the key problems stated below: 

Limited Commercialization of Local Recipes

• Skilled home cooks lack exposure
• Operate on small-scale
• Lack of standardization

Traditional Farming Methods

• Women in agriculture use traditional farming methods
• Lack of high-value cash crops

Traditional Handicrafts Need Innovation

• Lack of innovation limits product diversity
• Innovate to scale indigenous art

Components of Women In Business

Women In Business will bring together all the essential elements of the acceleration program, starting with:

Information Sessions

1. For the female entrepreneurs who are currently running their own businesses.
2. The sessions will share detailed information of the program and encourage females with innovative and scalable businesses to apply and get access to expert-led business advisory and finance.

Expert-Led Business Training and Advisory Services

1. AP-designed business training content will be delivered to women entrepreneurs to help them improve their investment readiness and help refine their business models, sales and marketing plans, financial models and pitch decks.
2. The advisory training will also include group activities and exercises so that they can apply the concepts in their own business and streamline their business models.

Demo Day

On the demo day, entrepreneurs will pitch their business to AP’s investment team for securing debt financing from Accelerate Prosperity.

One-on-One Business Advisory and Coaching

Selected SGBs will be attached to AP’s business coach for further one-on-one advisory on business development

Access to Co-working Spaces

Selected entrepreneurs, during or after the program, will have access to Accelerate Prosperity co-working space available in Gilgit, Chitral at a nominal cost/rental.

Market Linkages/Networking Opportunities

1. Women entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to become a part of the AP acceleration programs’ alumni community and be able to get access to alumni networking events and investor meetups.
2. Entrepreneurs will get the chance to hunt different points of sale, and better connect with their customer base and target market.


Upon the completion of the advisory sessions, AP’s investment team will recommend potential businesses for financing. The selected businesses will be reached out by their respective business coach and initiate due diligence.

Post Financing Technical Assistance

The following are key aspects of post-financing Technical Assistance:

1. Continued business mentoring, coaching and advisory from successful entrepreneurs, investors and AP’s business coaches.
2. Marketing, bookkeeping, and legal services from top-of-the-line services providers, completely free of cost.
3. Market and commercial linkages in various industries nationally and internationally.

**This is exclusively offered to portfolio businesses i.e., businesses that have received financing from AP.

Instrument: Patient debt Ticket Size: Up to $200K Interest Rate: Below Market Rate Term:Up to 10 years Other Requirements:Mortgage land or building Financing Select businesses who complete the incubation program successfully pitch for APs financing


Select businesses who complete the incubation program successfully pitch for APs financing.


Patient debt

Ticket Size:

Patient debt

Interest Rate:

Net 8-12%

Ticket Size:

Up to 10 years

Other Requirements:

Mortgage land or building

The Complete Journey of an Entrepreneur

Selection Criteria

Business Criteria

Personal Criteria

Business Criteria A unique and innovative business model with potential for causing or contributing to a transformative effect in the sector, specifically in terms of improving quality of services, increasing access, convenience and/ or affordability. A clear market niche, sound target market and customer base. Realistic competitive advantage in terms of price, quality and easy/ large access. Strong revenue and profit models, potential for scalability and growth. Strong value chain effect. The business demonstrates positive environmental and sustainable development (impact) effect. Personal Criteria Strong entrepreneurial traits, including (but not limited to) leadership qualities, risk taking, street smartness, ability to do more with less etc. Coachable team, including (but not limited to) openness to advisory, learn, ability and openness to constantlyiterate, adapt and evolve based on changing conditions, realities or assumptions etc. Past experience in doing business, or as an employee in a similar industry, or subject matter expertise relevant to the product/ service. Strong interest in the relevant sector and the idea/ business being proposed, with significant skin in the business. Selection Criteria

Are you an entrepreneur revolutionizing the business landcape of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral with your innovative ventures?