U.Solve is a flagship innovation challenge that will bring forth solutions to pressing issues across various sectors and regions. Each sprint will revolve around a specific problem statement and entrepreneurs working in the respective broader sector can bring forth their innovative solutions to the forefront.   


An innovation challenge that is creatively crafted to empower sustainable future by providing a launchpad for entrepreneurs to bring forth solar energy solutions in Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral region.


To inspire rising entrepreneurs in emerging regions to grow new markets, create sustainable employment, and strengthen communities. To create high growth high impact businesses by promoting entrepreneurship and creating space to facilitate more appropriate technical expertise, mentoring and creative financial solutions, which can bridge the gaps between investors, government, donors and entrepreneurs, and spur dialogue between stakeholders in the business ecosystem. Its long term mission is to create inclusive economic growth and empowerment, with a focus on youth and women in rural and semi rural areas.


An inclusive and prosperous society powered by entrepreneurs. In 5-7 years’ time:
● Global leader on enterprise growth acceleration in fragile states, with a niche in supporting youth and women entrepreneurs, and Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) that link rural and urban areas.
● Lead player in the startup and SME ecosystem in rural and semi urban areas of Pakistan, that generates investable entrepreneurs and businesses.
● Central place for investable youth specially women entrepreneurs.
● Key advisor and partner for government, donors and development finance institutions (DFIs) on issues around rural entrepreneurship.
● Facilitator of regional trade in Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.